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Why spend $25,000 to get a professional website design—which you have to host, manage, promote, and optimize for SEO—when you can spend half that cost on a TWO-YEAR BUDGET and get a professional web design that is hosted, managed, promoted, and optimized for two full years?

We can provide you with the equivalent of a $25,000 website PLUS provide the hosting and management, SEO, and content marketing, and promote the site for two full years—all within a TWO-YEAR budget that is less than HALF of a full budget, and won’t cost you thousands of dollars up front.

Get a serious, professional web design, hosted and managed for a whole year, complete with an SEO and content marketing campaign to boost your new or re-designed site, that fits your budget.

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We have many plans to fit your budget

From a $600 per year package for major custom web development, contact us using the form to the below for a consultation.

Contact Regal Blue Media today, or pass this on to someone you know who is ready to go to the next level, but who is working within a specific budget. RBM’s two-year plan is a serious money-saver that is solely focused on making you look good on the web while getting results.

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Regal Blue Media has long offered web design services for clients in support of larger marketing or PR campaigns, especially when a web developer was not available. In March of 2015, however, we began offering WordPress based web design as a stand-alone service; web design accounts for 40% of our business.

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Our Web Design Strategy

We focus on simplicity that is classy and that WORKS.  We create a design that is easy to understand and interact with for users, communicates your message clearly, and delivers your goals for the website, whatever those goals may be. Our deep and broad experience in marketing, marketing research, and public relations plays a major role in creating designs that simply WORK for you, and are not just showy works of art that might please the designer’s artistic nature without delivering good results.

Call Bill Collier direct at (717) 418-9309 for a free consultation regarding your website’s design needs.

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