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Regal Blue Media offers a wide variety of world class digital media, marketing, public relations, and deep web research services to help your business or organization communicate effectively and get the results you desire.

Services include developing and managing your social and digital media advertising campaigns, getting you ranking on search engines, providing marketing to support your off-site SEO efforts, conducting deep web research on your competitors or political opponents, and off-site marketing campaign development and management. We also provide virtual community development, moderation, and activation.

Search Engine Optimization and Marketing

We offer campaigns designed to obtain ranking for your website using the right mix of keywords that will drive traffic to your site.

For instance, we would charge $850 per keyword annually to get any keyword on page one that has 1,000-4,000 monthly searches. A keyword that has 25,000 monthly searches would cost $2,500 per year to get ranked. (Please note, it generally takes 3-5 months to get such keywords ranked on page one).

If you paid $2,500 to get a keyword ranked on page one that has 25,000 monthly searches, how much might that be worth to you? Consider if your ranking earned you only 4% of those searches to sell a product with a $50 profit margin. Assuming a 2% conversion rate, you would receive 1,000 visits per month and get at least 20 sales, or $1,000 profit.

Would $1,000 in monthly profit within 3-5 months be worth $1500 per year?

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Digital and Social Media Campaign Development and Management

Digital and Social Media campaigns must be targeted in an intelligent manner and they must be constantly managed for cost effectiveness and exposure versus conversion. Two similar businesses can spend $2,000 per month plus the cost of labor, which may be twice that much, and get VERY different results: One might make 100 sales and the other only 10!

We charge a flat rate to develop your plan, often around $500 to do the research and development phase, and then a flat rate of 30% above the actual cost to manage your campaign daily (we require a minimum monthly budget of $1500 for the actual campaign).

Regal Blue Media

How does this save your money?



We constantly monitor for cost versus conversion.



We have relationships with many providers and can leverage our larger media buys to save our clients money— we pass those saving on to you DIRECTLY. Our only fee is the 30% above your costs.



You save thousands trying to figure out what works, we KNOW what works!

Contact us NOW if you would be interested in getting more sales through effective digital and social media marketing. Contact or call (717) 418-9309.

Other Services Include

Social Media Content Creation and Management

Plans range from $100 per month to $750 per month depending on the amount of sites and content required to be manage.

Deep Web Research (Of competitors or political opponents)

Plans range from $250 to $3000 depending on the depth and breadth.

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Regal Blue Media Service Packages

Packages Overview

WordPress Design and SEO Optimization Packages

We offer quality, professional, and quick turn-around WordPress based web design and SEO optimization packages. Each site is optimized for your social media and includes squeeze pages to obtain email sign-ups or direct sales. Packages range from $600 to $3,500 and include one year of updates and one year of hosting to get you started.

Search Engine Ranking Packages

Through on-page and off-page SEO, ethical article, content, link creation programs, and promotions through the appropriate networks for sites, we get your site ranked for both desktop based searches and mobile base searches to increase organic traffic.

Packages range from $1,200 for 8 local keywords to $6,500 for 12 medium difficulty national keywords, and higher. Our packages generally achieve 1/3rd of keywords on page one, one third on page two, and the rest at 50 rank or higher at a minimum using our proven system. Rankings can take 60-180 days to take affect.

Social Media Marketing Packages

We design and implement social media marketing campaigns around your budget, generally charging a fee of $250 per month plus your actual cost for smaller campaigns or actual cost plus 25% for larger campaigns. We research the best options and develop a result-oriented plan.

Social Media Management/Development Packages

We develop social media properties, integrate them together and with your website and/or blog, manage weekly posts, moderate, and increase reach and followers.

Programs range from $250 for simple management and moderation with weekly content to $1,500 per month for daily content, moderating, and spending 1/3rd of the monthly amount on promotions.

Other Packages

Other services include marketing campaign development and management for both new media and traditional media, reputation management and repair, social media and social community mobilization, and virtual community design, maintenance, and management.

Regal Blue Media

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