Earn $100 to $500 or more!

For Referring A Potential Client

Who Buys An RBM Package

Earn money from referral fees!

Earn money from referral fees!

     Yes, you heard that right. YOU can earn extra money by downloading and printing this nifty, simple flier that advertises the marketing, web design, and SEO/SEM services offered by RBM and for every lead you generate, you earn 5% on the contract amount for all payments made within 90 days. 


Picture of the flier you will be handing out if you want to earn referral fees....

Picture of the flier you will be handing out if you want to earn referral fees….

     HOW DOES THIS WORK?  You add your name and email on the BOTTOM of the flier. (If you are sending this digitally, you can request a digital copy with your information pre-filled). The prospective client calls and we ask them for that information. When or if they become a client, you will be notified via email and, within 90 days, you will receive a 5% commission on any payments received. 

     HOW MUCH CAN YOU EARN? As our campaigns and packages range from $1500 to well over $25,000, your earning can be fairly substantial, or they can simply be extra income. (If you average both more than 5 clients and more than $35,000 in contract value, you could become an Independent Agent of RBM and earn 15% on all sales, including monthly payments for as long as the contract is active.)

    HOW MUCH WORK CAN WE DO? Really, the more, the better- we employ many independent and autonomous contractors and we have many suppliers, and we carefully choose them after years of doing business to ensure they can and will meet our high standards. When you help sell a package from RBM, you are also helping us to keep many  independent self-employed people working.

        IS THERE A SCREENING PROCESS? Anyone can send referrals, however if we discover anything unethical, we reserve the right to terminate the relationships. For persons wanting to be Independent Agents, we do require a criminal background check and credit check- we do not deny people on the basis of a low credit rating but we look for fiduciary misconduct.   

        ARE THE LIMITS TO WHAT CLIENTS YOU ACCEPT?  Yes, as with every business, there are. We specialize in more family friends products and designs, we avoid putting our name on things we wouldn’t be proud of being part of in the first place. For instance, we do not do pornography sites or strip clubs, as these are clearly not family or kid friendly. For political sites or marketing and etc. we tend to specialize in center-right groups, however if we have designers or staff we can match with other types of political groups, we are happy to give them the work.

         DO YOU DISCRIMINATE? No, Put simply. We do not view us doing your design or marketing and etc. as advocating for your cause or business or whatever. If there is something controversial we may not put our name on it, as a matter  of good PR, but we are very open-minded and tolerant and we do not require that we agree with you to service you. 

GET STARTED NOW- download the PDF or email Bill@RegalBlueMedia.com and request a personalized copy for digital distribution with your name and email addressed already filled in!