Team Rock Ministry

This is a website for a global outreach team that also represents the USA as the official Team USA Breaking Team and which has won international acclaim.

Hypnotic Charisma

This is a commercial website focused on obtaining leads via email list sign-ups for a motivational product that relies on self-hypnosis.

Committee To Unleash Prosperity

This is a non-profit organization founded by the likes of Steve Forbes, Larry Kudlow, Art Laffer, and Steve Moore, it is designed to grow a support base and to broadcast their message of a pro-prosperity agenda.

Kymms Evolution

This is a digital art gallery showcasing the artist’s work with the aim of obtaining business inquiries to purchase custom made high-end art direct from the artist.


this is a sample site built to depict a new aggregator site somewhat like the Drudge Report, great for businesses as well who have various lines of products/or services.


The Webster’s Dictionary- a social network for “Websters”, people who use the web to transform their world.

Congressional Campaign– A website with a social networking infrastructure for a candidate for Congress which will focus on getting donors, getting people to sign up as volunteers, and organizing activities on the group.

Professional Portfolio- These are sites for professionals, including insurance agents, lawyers, accountants, and others who need to not only showcase their work, but their volunteer activities and background both for potential clients and the general public.

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Regal Blue Media has long offered web design services for clients in support of larger marketing or PR campaigns, especially when a web developer was no available. In March of 215, however, we began offering WordPress based web design as a stand-alone service and now web design accounts for 40% of business.

Screenshot of the top part of the Kymm's Evolution "Digital Gallery"

Screenshot of the top part of the Kymm’s Evolution “Digital Gallery”


We focus on simplicity that is classy, and that WORKS. By “works” we mean that the design is easy to understand and interact with for users, that it communicates what you want communicated, and that it delivers your goals for the website, whatever those goals may be.  Our deep and broad experience in marketing, marketing research, and public relations plays a major role in creating designs that simply WORK for you, and are not just showy works of art that might please the designer’s artistic nature without delivering good results.


Call me (Bill) direct at (717) 503-1645 for a free consultation regarding your webs design needs.


Need a good, solid WordPress based website with user interaction, SEO built into the design, mobile friendly, and integrated with social media?

A custom site with video and email list integration, with integration of up to 100 articles, and up to 30 separate pages- $10,200

I offer a special 2 year pricing plan for such a website-

Payment plan- $1500 up front, $1500 upon completion in 15 working days, and $350 per month for the next 24 months. This price includes the initial build, basic monthly maintenance not exceeding 5 hours, robust and managed hosting, integration with your existing social media, posting to your social media and/or from your social media, on-site SEO, and SEO promotions for 10 long tail keywords.

In any given month I only take on 4-5 new customers, so if you need a good website that is user friendly, and that you can do most updates on your own, contact me NOW before I run out of spots..

(Do you want to make some extra money on the side? I offer a 5% referral fee on the two up-front payments for every referral that becomes a sale. This means you would get $150 on a sale like this!)

Call me, leave a message… (717) 503-1645.

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