Regal Blue Media

Web Accelerator Plan

Website design, hosting, and promotion service.

We optimize your site for desktop, mobile, and tablet display.

Getting a great website and getting it noticed, the proper way, without shortcuts that don’t work anyway, is a costly and risky endeavor. You can spend thousands of dollars if you do things right, and in a truly professional manner that gets results.

We have a solution.
Regal Blue Media offers a website design and promotion service that allows you to test and prove our value, that gives you the ability to grow your site and promotions as you start seeing results, and that is easy on your wallet, both in the long-term and in the short-term.  

What do you get?
A stunning WordPress-based website hosted on a blazing hot server, social media accounts managed for you, SEO of your website, and promotions of your website through our network of websites and social media accounts.

We built Trump Revolution up to 100,00 followers on Facebook within 6 month of launching.

What does it cost?
The cost is $295 up front and $295/month for an 18-month commitment.

What can you expect?
*A full-fledged website with around 10 pages of content.

*A weekly reach on social media of 1,000 or more people.
*At least 1500 unique visitors per month to your website.
*Ongoing maintenance of the website, including the hosting.
*The ability to blog and have your content pushed to social media automatically.

Promotion only- If you have a website and just want reach and traffic, we can deliver this for you for $195/month.

Website only- If you just want a website and hosting and want to do all the promotions yourself, you can sign up for $250 down and then $100 per month for an 18-month commitment.

We have worked with major figures in web design, reputation management, social media, and, SEO, content development, virtual community governance.

Who would this work best for?
Small to medium businesses, local news or other types of blogs that want to be taken seriously, organizations, and local political campaigns would all benefit from this service. We have “frameworks” for each type of website, which helps us keep our costs down.

Who would this not work for?
Small businesses that do not want a web  presence at all, local news and other types of blogs that don’t need to be taken seriously (hobbies), larger businesses and either federal level or statewide campaigns, or big city, campaigns which need much more customization and promotions.

Why pick Regal Blue Media?
Our work speaks for itself. We guarantee satisfaction. Your website design (front page and plan) is approved by you before you pay anything. During the first 90 days you can cancel at any time, although you do lose the site design, for any reason. Instead of spending thousands of dollars up front, you get see our work before you pay anything and you get to experience our service before you make the final commitment to stay with us for the full 18-months.

Do you have other services and add-ons?
We do. You will learn about this. This includes mailing list management and growth, social media campaigns to grow your digital presence, SEO campaigns designed to rank your site, and customization work. During your free consultation we assess your needs, and develop a plan. Usually we recommend a growth plan that allows you to increase your plan as your results increase.

How do you get started and what happens at each step?
Submit a request below for a free phone consult. Provide as much information as you can, so we can have some ideas when we set up the call.

*Once you say you want a free preview, we will send you 3 designs, in a PDF, which will duplicate the look and feel we propose for your site.

*Upon approval of these “design proofs”, you will make the up-front payment and our team will begin to work on your site, expect the first pass to be finished within 10 working days or less. We will review the site on a preview url and you will be able to request changes or edits. We will do two passes of this.

*After this, you will pay your first monthly fee of $295. The first 90 days is a trial period. You’ll see what we do to increase your social media and drive traffic to your site. After the first 90 days, the full contract, for all 18 months, is considered to be approved in full.