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WordPress site design using a template, 5 page site, optimized for search engines, responsive to desktop, tablet, and phone. Pay $150 for a voucher to secure up to $600 worth of services within the next 12 months. This could be a great gift for someone who needs a website. (The voucher is not refundable so make sure the person you might give it to wants it.) You pay and then I will email you via your PayPal email to find out when you want to use your voucher. PAYPAL- $150 CLICK BELOW


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SPONSOR RAWENews.com– see the options below. Sponsorship options are Friend ($25, one time), Supporter ($45 one time) and ALLY ($125 one time). Friends receive a 50 x 100 display ad for a month or a premium account on RAWE News for one year. Supporters sponsors receive a 50 x 100 ad for two months or a premium account on RAWE News for 2 years. Allies receive a banner ad on RAWE News for two months or a premium account on RAWE News for life.

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PREMIUM Account on RAWE News- this is only $5 per month and for those who are first 100 in line, this will include a premium account on Military Gazette as well!

Owner, Bill Collier, is well versed in political, non-profit, and commercial marketing for a range of clients.

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