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Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing simply involves organizations and businesses getting people to support them or buy from them by using social media, things like Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and the like. Your message is “broadcast” to people who use these social media sites. What make social media marketing so useful is that it can be extremely targeted- for instance, instead of buying a TV ad that is seen by EVERYONE who watches your local news broadcast, imagine that ONLY people interested in your product or service saw that ad, and imagine you only had to pay to broadcast JUST to that audience.

But social media marketing doesn’t just work for really targeted audience, lie everyone in your area who is interested in baby clothes. It can also be used to reach a broad audience, and you are able to see exactly how well it works. Social media marketing allows you to track how many saw your message, how many people clicked on the link, and how many people made a purchase because of that message they received.

Social Media Marketing is a lot different than just paying for an ad and sending it out to thousands of people. It really works on three levels, which I’ll explain.

Level One- the message and the platformLIKE image

Your message is delivered to the right platform, in other words the right “place” online where people who are most likely to be your customers or supporters are hanging out. The KIND of message, such as text or video, and the kind of platform, such as YouTube, Twitter, or Pinterest, really matter- you need to know if your “favorite” kind of customer likes video or text ads or if they hang out on Facebook or Reddit, for instance.

The “message” is the CONTENT you provide to potential supporters or clients, it is not just advertising, though advertising is part of the mix. You cannot conduct social media marketing with useful and interesting content and any social media marketing plan MUST include a plan to produce regular fresh content at least a few times a week.

conversationLevel Two- the conversation

Here’s the thing, people are going to talk ABOUT YOU online, whether you like it or not. You can’t control it or stop it, but you CAN manage it.

How do you manage the conversation about you? You have a conversation. Yes, it might start with a YouTube Video you video you post on your own channel and then promote through Facebook advertising and/or on your own facebook Page, but be prepared to get feedback.

Having a conversation means being there, in other words having a social media property on social media sites. Social media properties is some page or publicly accessible account within a social media site. Your Facebook Page is a social media property on Facebook.

Having a conversation means responding to people who comment or post on your social media property. If all you have are posts and no responses to people who comment, or, worse, nobody commenting, then you lose “credibility” online. When people see you responding, and other people interacting with you, online, they see you as being “real”: this earns both respect and loyalty.

The BuzzLevel Three- creating buzz!

The days of your advertising doing all the talking for you are over. It will never be the same. People talking ABOUT you on their own, not being paid to do so, gives you “credibility.” Like I said, people WILL talk about you, and there is no controlling that. But if you have a good social media marketing strategy you will be able to “nudge” that conversation and if you combine that with good Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing, you have a very good chance of seeing that conversation ABOUT you become quite positive.

Getting a LOT of people to talk positively about you and to send their friends and people who visit their social media properties to YOUR website is really what social media marketing does. This requires advertising, content that is interesting and provocative (without being controversial), social media development and management, Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing, and coordination of your “narrative” (the STORY about your organization or business) so that it matches what you do online and what you do with signage and other forms of advertising.

regal blue media social media logoWrapping It All Up

Good social media marketing requires a solid mix of knowledge including the psychology of the masses of people, technical knowledge of various platforms, marketing skills, and one on one communication skills. But when it all comes down to brass tacks, good social media marketing is simply your ability to use various tools to have an ongoing (and positive) conversation with potential supporters or customers.

How can Regal Blue Media help you with Social Media Marketing?

We offer a full spectrum of services, including developing whole campaigns tied to results you can see with your own eyes, or consultation to assist your team and analyze your current plan from a fresh perspective. We have been involved in social media marketing of all sorts, from the smallest level to the highest level, in both the commercial environment and the political advocacy environment.

If you are at all concerned that your social media marketing might not be all it can be, then you owe yourself the favor of contacting us for a free assessment and consultation. If your social media marketing is working and working well, we will honestly tell you that you are already on track. If you could be doing more but can’t afford to do much more, we’ll show you how to get to a place where you CAN afford to do so!

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