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We we offer Digital Media Marketing throughout the world, we are based on Harrisburg PA. You can buy digital media marketing from us, including SEO services in Pennsylvania and Harrisburg PA SEO services. We also cater to social media marketing clients in Harrisburg PA with regional campaigns designed to get local people to like your page, follow you on Twitter, and the such.

Harrisburg PA SEO services include regional packages such as these:

Harrisburg PA SEO Packages

Starter– 10 local to regional keywords, half at least ranked on page one, all ranked better than page 5, within 3-5 months- $1900/year

($800 down, then $150/month AFTER 6 months).

Pioneer– 24 local to regional keywords, 1/3rd on page one, 1/3rds at least on page 2, and remainder ranked better than page 5, within 3-5 months- $3500/year

Entrepreneur– 36 primary and 12 secondary local to regional keywords, 1/3rd ranked on page one, 1/3rd ranked on page to, 1/3rd on page 3 or better, with social media content provided 3 times per week on your Facebook Page and daily monitoring- $1250 down for the 3–day set up, then $150/month for the next 17 months (this is an 18-month campaign, with a 6 month opt-out)


Our Harrisburg PA SEO Services are world class, and include op-page optimization which we provide these optimizations for your to add to your web pages, but we will do on page optimizations for $250, regardless of package size. We provide all off-page optimization.

Our Harrisburg PA SEO Packages only utilize high quality, ethical,  link building and content which are natural and which are acceptable to all search engines.

See our SERVICES page for more information on other services.