bill londonHello, my name is Bill Collier. I am pictured to the left during my trip to London. I have experience servicing clients from the local level to international clients.

I am the President and CEO of Regal Blue Media and I am committed to helping my company’s clients get tangible results. Through Regal Blue Media’s extensive team of providers and experts, who are positioned around the world, I can offer you great services at reasonable, and fair, prices. Of course there are “cheap” services out there, but, as my own mother tells it, “you get what you pay for.”

I want to help YOU succeed.

First, I will be sharing things on this blog that will help you navigate the digital media marketing world more serenely. 🙂 This means, you’d get tips that will save you hours of stress and frustration.

Second, I offer services through Regal Blue Media that are extremely cost effective and campaigns that are very results focused.

What do we offer?

Check out out Services Page to find out!