sales go upSEO Marketing and Online Marketing Package- Get $1800 worth of SEO and Marketing for $800!

(We have smaller packages, starting at $250. Use the form below to inquire about this or any package, or even a custom package, for hughly result-oriented traffic generation.)

We at Regal Blue Media are launching a NEW service that combines our online marketing, our SEO promotion, and our content marketing in a package worth $1800 per month for $800 per month! THIS IS A LIMITED OPPORTUNITY!

There is no LONG TERM contract, This is a month-to-month plan with a guaranteed price freeze at only $800 for 12 months. After this the normal price is $1800/month, however the minimum guarantee is 50,000 UNIQUE visitors per month.

Grow your business online with a steady, long-term promotion that will attract internet visitors to your website on a consistent basis, day in and day out.


Regal Blue Media has a marketing package that is right for you.

This simple, but effective, marketing package is an excellent way to supplement your online advertising program. Priced at only $600/month with a conditional one year commitment, this plan provides targeted marketing to over 50,000 unique monthly visitors to websites that match your potential client profile.

What is involved?

First, we set up your SEO and content marketing program, based on the keywords you want to focus on and based on how competitive those keywords are. We have years of experience and many resources to get you the right results in an ethical manner that complies with the search engine standards and algorithms.

Owner, Bill Collier, is well versed in political, non-profit, and commercial marketing for a range of clients.

We work with website owners and insert ads for our clients after we negotiate with the right website owners, but we also layer in your ads to our family of websites to grow the audience who sees your ads. This means that while your monthly investment of $600/month stays the same, over time the number of people who see your ad actually increases.

This is GROWTH MARKETING that grows your audience, both directly, by advertising to at least 50,000 unique individuals per month, and by growing the number of people who see your ad each month as we grow our audience.

But, wait, there’s more- As mentioned, included in this package is what amounts to $600/month in professional SEO services. We will analyze your site for the best long-tail keywords, as part of our traffic generation plan, so that, if you stay with this program, you will see more and more traffic as we proceed. Traffic builds on traffic, and it become more and more targeted as well. Our SEO goal is to get you an exposure to as many people as people in your niche.

HOW can we do this?

We have our own network, we have access to many provider websites, and we are experts at both SEO and online marketing- we know how to leverage online marketing and SEO with content marketing to obtain great results.

What is more- we provide a 90-day “checkpoint” of preliminary goals and if we do not reach those goals you can terminate your 12 month contract. We also provide 6 month and 9 month checkpoints.

We also use our own marketing, including remarketing, and social media network to ensure results, Your specific basket of services and resources used will be customized to get YOU the results you need.

How does this work?

Your campaign is designed and approved, you pay 1 month’s in advance, and at each checkpoint, if the goals are not reached, you can opt out. We are confident in our ability to get you results, and we will advise you on ways to increase the conversion rate of your traffic.

We can ONLY sign up 20 customers for this program!

Our NORMAL retail price for this service would easily be $1800 or more per month- but this is a SPECIAL program, it combines two of our best options in one, and we need to establish a good track record for clients before we roll this our at its normal retail price.

How do you get started?

First, we talk and see if this is a right fit for you. You begin by calling 717-503-1645 to set up an appointment. We’ll talk about your business or your organization and its goals, I’ll tell you all about this program and how it works, and then, if we both agree, I will produce a proposal.

Once you approve, I will send you a contract, based on the proposal, to sign. When the first payment is made, the program begins- it will take 30 days for everything to be set in place, especially for the SEO work. We will meet monthly via phone or skype to review what has occurred in your campaign. A quarterly Checkpoint report will reveal whether we have reached our goals and then, unless those goals are not met, the next payment will be made.

START NOW- Make the call and don’t miss out because I can only work with 20 clients at a time to provide this service! Call 717-503-1645- leave a message with details about the best time to call you back and I will call you to set up a free phone consultation.

REMEMBER- you will receive $1800 worth of marketing and SEO for 1/3rd the price, but we can only do this for the 20 clients- this is a NEW program and we need to establish a track record. It will normally cost $1800/month!


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