Regal Blue Media Political Sites


I began producing websites as a consequence of working with web designers and developers to conduct marketing and social media campaigns- what I found was that many of these providers were not intimately and professionally familiar with the unique needs and requirements of online communications for political purposes.

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I assembled my own team of web designers and developers who are intimately familiar with political communications, and I became proficient in my own right using different platforms. Over time, I settled on the WordPress Platform, a platform used by over 19% of ALL websites, because of its flexibility, ease of use for the client, speed of deployment, SEO potential, and reliability. However, we can deploy any platform you prefer.

Often working completely behind the scenes through re-sellers who use our service on a “white label” basis, I am now offering these services DIRECT to you. However, we will always offer white label services to agencies and web development firms, especially in the areas of social media marketing, SEO/SEM, and content development and production.

When your organization or campaign uses RBM you have confidence not only in our technical capabilities, but in our professional and intimate knowledge of effective political communications designed to get donors, volunteers, and votes.

Why not contact me, Bill Collier, personally at 717-503-1645.