The REGIONAL SEO MINI CAMPAIGN is designed to boost organic traffic to your website, involving 5  long tail keywords (we actually choose 7) getting ranked on page one in Google search over a 3 month period of time.

The focus of this is on 5 “long tail keywords” that are capable of delivering highly relevant traffic. Long tail keywords are very SPECIFIC to the subject at hand and are the kinds of phrases people type in toward the end of the buying cycle (when they are close to buying).

The proposal involves:

rbm front pictureOn-page optimization

Keyword research (as per theme of the website, Content optimization, Title and meta_ tags optimization, Creating sitemaps. This is likely to involve a splash page specifically designed for this campaign.

Off page optimization

Directory submission, Social bookmarking, Press releases, Blog/forum commenting, Blog submission, Article submission, Creating link Wheel Local SEO Specialist Video Optimization, Link Building, Web.

  • We always apply Google approved methods and techniques
  • We link through high pr websites (using our existing network)- we don’t PAY FOR LINKS, and you shouldn’t either, we produce FREE content that is voluntarily picked up and/or shared because it is THAT good
  • Always apply do follow (this just means search engines follow every link)
  • Posting on approved site with actual PR value as per Google algorithm

Actual rankings report showing customer recovery form major google update over 6 month period.

The FIRST keywords or two will rank on page one in Google within 4-8 weeks, depending on how long Google takes to INDEX the links and content, the next 3-6 will come after that, so the effort grows.


Getting items ranked is not just about, well, getting items ranked. Rankings, acheived with intelligence, and with a marketing outlook, result in visits and sales. To the left you can see a sample rankings report for a client in the Delaware area. While there are some 18 keywords focused on for this report, the effort to focus on just the top 3 that would get the the most results generated over 500 highly qualified visitors, and 20 valuable leads, on average per month, for a campaign that cost around $4000 to complete.


When we focus on your locale or region, say, if you were in Delaware, the northern shore, or if you were in Pennylvania the greater Harrisburg PA region, we track search engine results page rankings for people who conduct searches in your target area. This delivers highly targeted local or regional traffic, but it is less expensive because we are impacting fewer searches. 


Total cost for a 3-month mini-campaign- $575

BELOW- sample of a customer who went from 1500 per month traffic to 5950 per month traffic because of our promotions for 6 national keywords over a 6 month period of time.

traffic growth