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Primopolis Community Hub

Primopolis will be a virtual community hub for users to create their own content, connect with friends and make new friends, create groups or join groups, buy and sell or trade, and in general connect with other people in a more meaningful way than is possible in today’s social media alternatives.

Primopolis itself is MODELLED on a modernized version of an independent Greo-Roman City, only a FREE city, akin to a synthesis of the Roman Republic and the Athenian Democracy.

Primopolis will not replace other web 2.0 properties, in fact it will integrate nicely with such properties as Instagram, Twitter, and FaceBook, but it will allow the user to build more depth into online relationships and to connect virtually with local people for ease of communication or to share news (using the RAWENews Community).

Premium members will be able to create stand-alone groups, business pages, shops, and even sub-communities. Communities of many types are envisioned.

In addition to member owned communities, some of the communities connected to Primopolis and which are based on this platform include: (NOTE- many other communities are envisioned)


Primopolis Arena

Basically, sports subjects and groups are included here, set up by users, with an Arena Newspaper in digital format that feeds news posted by the groups. Create a group for your favorite team or sport.

Primopolis Agora

The public marketplace is where users can set up shops, post classified ads, participate in auctions, and the like.

Primopolis Forum

Not only does this include forums for debate and discussion, but it include Caucuses for like-minded users and a member-elected “Government” modeled on the Roman Republic that actually has some say in community policies and standards which all members must abide by. For pure entertainment purposes, the Government also passes Resolutions on world events which give a sense of the views of the community regarding world news events and world issues.

The Knights Errant of Primopolis

A club for men, only open to men, that is a great place to let down your hair and discuss manly things in the company of men!

The Noble Ladies of Primopolis

A club for ladies, open only to ladies, that is a great place to relax with women and not be bothered by men- discuss things of interest to the fairer sex!

The Shirehold Community

This community connects families into “Shireholds” of around 4-5 families or more with attached single adults for mutual support and organizes cooperative buying clubs to support households and both save money and time. This is geared toward families and extended families who form “Shireholds” of people who wish to be connected together.

Premade WordPress

A community for WordPress designers to offer ready-made WordPress sites where end-users can find the right designs, have it installed and either make customizations themselves or hire the original developer to add customizations.

FaceBook Weddings

A community for those who are about to have a  wedding, and their FaceBook friends, to connect and host a live-stream of the actual wedding to allow for virtual participation as well as to connect the local wedding party and guests in one place for ease of communication, announcements, and other important features.

The Hardball Lounge

You like rough and tumble debate that is less stringently moderated? You have a taste for down and dirty verbal combat? The Hardball lounge is the place to go and, if you stray outside our normal standards of decorum, you may be asked to “take it the Hardball Lounge!”


RAWENews Community

Start your own RAWE News community in your town to cover local news, connect with other Community Editors and Citizen Correspondents, and, of course, get access to news from many sources. (RAWENews also offers “Community Franchises” of The Freedomist, a digital newspaper pioneered and offered as a local franchise by Kross Publishing).


The Freedomshire Community

A private community, not even searchable by search engines, for freedom minded people to connect and collaborate that is effectively managed like a “Free Republic” on a people-powered basis. The idea is to connect and collaborate here but to take the message of freedom rooted in virtue, equity, liberty, and independence out to the masses using web 2.0 properties and a Freedomshire News Blog.


Ecklesion Jesus Community

A virtual to local Christian fellowship based on being a true “Jesus Community”, with a traditional high church format for weekly Chapel that includes participatory worship and Bible Exploration that de-emphasizes hierarchies and that seeks to restore a modernized version of the ancient concepts of Christian koinonia (freewill covenant association) and Christian oikos (the multi-family extended household of faith).

The Round Table Revolution

This is a “Christian Learning and Empowerment Community” with a “virtual to local approach”, teaching the skills of “The Revolution Within”, a program for Christian empowerment and local action, and the organizational structure of “Round Table Clubs”, local networks of Christians who connect to serve God and practice true Christian community.


The Micronationalist Club

A meeting space for micronationalists and for helping people to start a micronation and recruit members for their micronation. Mirconations can set up forums and groups within Micronationalist for internal purposes and for recruiting purposes. Micronationalist will also promote the concept of micronatonalism to a broader audience and seek to recruit new participants from the general populace. A United Nations type of governance model allows members to participate in governing the policies and community standards of the community, but individual micronations are not members of any formal “organization.” Additionally, a “model UN” will also be set up within The Micronationalist Club.

The Prussian Kingdom

A fun and interesting micronation focused on reviving the IDEA of Prussia as something that transcends race or citizenship and that advocates for the creation of a NEW “Prussian Kingdom” carved out of Kalinin Oblast and potentially the whole of the former provinces of East Prussia and West Prussia that is independent of Germany, Poland, Russian, and Lithuania.

The Crown Commonwealth of Upadaria

The CCU is a “micronation”, in this case a non-territorial alternative sovereignty, set up along the lines of a free commonwealth of people animated by a shared Christian worldview, without the imposition of the Christian religion, to create a free society as a safe haven for Christian and other freedom seekers. It is a fun but educational outreach project of a fraternal Christian missionary and refugee society that seeks to be a witness for Jesus to the nations.


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